Best first aid apps

First aid apps are a great way of having emergency first aid information at your fingertips. Here’s our roundup of the best first aid apps available. We’ve only chosen free first aid apps as we believe charging for first aid knowledge is not the right thing to do.

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British Red Cross first aid app

First aid by British Red Cross

The British Red Cross have a very clean and easy to use first aid app for iPhone and Android. The app contains information on 18 common first aid situations. You can prepare yourself with interactive quizzes and videos and earn badges. The app also has a handy ’emergency’ mode for when you discover a medical emergency.

A big bonus is that no internet connection is required, all the first aid information is downloaded to your device.

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The American Red Cross have also released a version of this app for the US market. It is very similar in design and content..check it out on the App Store.


St John Ambulance first aid app

St John Ambulance first aid

The St John Ambulance app is very similar to the British Red Cross app. The app is split into ‘major’ and ‘minor’ sections with each section having advice on common conditions.

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PocketCPR by British Heart Foundation

PocketCPR by British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation have an app on how to carry out hands free CPR (a CPR technique where no rescue breaths are delivered).

This app is awesome for practicing CPR as it gives you real time feedback about the depth and speed of your chest compressions – really useful for those who deliver CPR training.

Obviously this app only covers what to do if a casualty is not breathing and doesn’t provide advice on any other emergency situations.

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