Seizures are due to disorganised or chaotic electrical activity in the brain. There are many causes of seizures (too many to list here). A very common cause is a medical condition known as Epilepsy

Step 1: Check for any dangers to yourself or the casualty

Ask yourself – “what has happened, am I in any danger?”. If there are dangers present ensure these are dealt with. If the situation is too dangerous then stay back and call for help from the emergency services immediately.

Step 2: Move any objects from around the casualty – create a ‘safe space’

A casualty may injure themselves on any objects near them whilst they have their seizure. Remove items such as chairs, tables etc. providing it is safe to do so. Your aim is to create a ‘safe space’ around the casualty free of any dangers.

Never try and restrain someone who is having a seizure. This is likely to injure them and yourself.

Step 3: Call an ambulance

If the casualty is a known epileptic who is with a carer/friend then there may be no need to call an ambulance. However this is the exception rather than the rule – if unsure always call an ambulance. The operator may be able to give you more first aid advice over the phone.