Severe bleeding

Many different types of injuries can cause bleeding. Severe bleeding is a life-threatening situation which requires emergency first aid

Step 1: Check for any danger / find out what has happened

You, the first aider, are always the most important person. Always check for danger to yourself before entering a situation. Find out how the injury has occurred and ensure an ambulance has been called.

Step 2: Apply direct pressure over the wound

Use any material available (e.g: pieces of clothing, towels, plastic bags etc.) to apply direct pressure over the wound. Do not release the pressure until further help arrives.

Special circumstance: If there is an object in the wound (for example, a piece of glass) then do not remove it. Instead, apply pressure around the edges of the wound to control the bleeding.

Remember blood can carry various infections. Always try and create a barrier between yourself and the person’s blood. If concerned then seek medical attention after the incident.

Step 3: If the person feels unwell, lie them down and elevate their legs

This will increase the blood supply to the brain. Also, try to keep the person warm.

Bleeding first aid video