Severe burns

Many household items can cause burns so it’s important to know the correct first aid treatment for a severe burn

Step 1: Check for any dangers to yourself or the casualty

Ask yourself – “what has happened, am I in any danger?”. If there are dangers present ensure these are dealt with. If the situation is too dangerous then stay back and call for help from the emergency services immediately.

Remember some burns can be caused by chemicals or electricity. These situations are likely to be very dangerous and require specialist assistance from the emergency services. Never put yourself in danger – do not become another casualty!

Step 2: Cool the burn with running water (or any non-toxic liquid)

Do not delay – cool the burn! Use any source of running water / liquid that is available. Do not worry about the cleanliness of the water as the main priority is to cool the burn as quickly as possible.

Ideally you should cool the burn for a minimum of 10 minutes however severe burns should be cooled until the emergency services arrive

Watch out that the casualty does not become too cold through cooling the burned area

Step 3: Call for an ambulance if this hasn’t already been done

Ideally get someone else to do this so you can continue cooling the burn